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 Do you have a closet full of 35mm slides that you can’t view because your slide projector broke down in 1992? Accentuate the Positive Scans is a digital scanning service that can let you view those long forgotten slides or negatives on your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or TV.   My Noritsu HS-1800 scanner can scan up to 200 slides per hour and nearly 500 negatives per hour.     All images in my photo gallery were scanned from slides or negatives taken between 1953 and 1987. Each scan, whether from a 35mm negative or slide, is saved as an 18.5mb TIFF.

I also have the capability to read those 3.5" floppy discs you thought you'd have to throw away.  In some cases they may still be unreadable but it's worth a try.


Relive those summer vacations (1957 ) at the lake ...



 ... Or attend a baseball game featuring your favorite team.  Jim Northrup hit four Grand Slams in the regular season, including two in one game against the Cleveland Indians, and one more in the World Series.



My Story

I have lived my entire life in the beautiful state of Michigan.  I am a 1977 graduate of Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) in Houghton and have a Master's Degree in History from Wayne State University.


My Experience


From July 1977 until May 2016 I worked in the Audiovisual Department of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor. The Library is part of the National Archives. I was responsible for cataloging, arranging, and preserving President Ford's White House negatives as well as his personal and pre- and post- Presidential photographs. For the last 20 years I was the senior Photo Archivist. I saw the transition from developing photographs in a darkroom to making high resolution scans from original negatives. It is this experience that I bring to Accentuate the Positive Scans.


I also do Photo Preservation Workshops for Historical Societies and other interested groups.      


My Services

I have the capability to scan up to 200 slides per hour and nearly 500 negatives per hour.  If your slides are full of scenery and no people, no problem. I’ll scan those at no cost, even if you don’t want them anymore. Just give me your permission to keep them. When an order is done I will first return a thumb drive containing the scans to you.  This is a standard National Archives procedure and gives you a measure of protection over loss in the mail.  There is an additional charge of $5.50 for the thumb drive. If you prefer, you can include your own thumb drive with your slides or negatives, or I can share them with you via Google Photo at no charge.  Once you confirm that you have received the scans, and are satisfied with the work, I will return you originals to you.    After 30 days. or once I know you are satisfied with your scans, I will delete them from Google Photo and from my server.


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 I have the capability to scan up to 200 slides per hour and nearly 500 negatives per hour.  If your slides are full of scenery and no people, no problem. I’ll scan those at no cost, even if you don’t want them anymore. Just give me your permission to keep them.  



The following are endorsements from recent customers.

I gave ATP Scans two carousels filled with Kodachrome slides taken in 1985. Two days later we had both back, along with over 200 scans on a thumb drive. As we reviewed the scanned photos my husband was able to relive the African safari he took with his Dad over 30 years ago. Color balance and resolution were excellent for viewing on a large format monitor. I was extremely pleased with the high quality of the product and would recommend Accentuate the Positive Scans without hesitation. Donna Lehman, Ann Arbor.



I had slides from a trip to Europe that I hadn't  looked  at in about 50 years.  Accentuate the Positive Scans has given me easy access to the pictures on my computer.  The quality is great and the service was quick, easy and  reasonably priced.  Highly recommended.  Joanna Reide, Oxford, MI


What a great service! My slide projector broke down several years ago and I thought the ability to view the images of my growing up in the 1950s and 1960s was lost forever. Now I can view high resolution scans of all of these great memories on my laptop, PC, and even my phone. Brian Richards, Baltimore, MD



How do I send you my slides or negatives?

If you live in the Metro Detroit area I will be happy to pick them up. Otherwise mail them to ATP Scans 36500 Ford Road, #173, Westland Michigan 48185-2211.


Can they be put on a DVD?

No. Each scan is 18.5 MB. A DVD holds 700 MB. That is only 37 images. A 32 GB thumb drive can hold over 1600 images.


Many of my slides were shot with an instamatic camera and the frames are square and not 35mm. There are also other negative formats. Can I still get them scanned?

As long as they are in a 35mm slide frame I will be able to scan them. There is no price difference. There are some instamatic examples in my slide show.  If you have negatives from an instamatic camera I will have to cut them frame by frame and put them in a 35mm slide mount so they can be scanned.  I can also scan 35mm and 120 negatives which are roughly 60mm.


Will I get a TIFF or a JPEG?

All scans are done as TIFFs. You can convert a TIFF to a JPEG but converting a JPEG to a TIFF will cause the TIFF to lose definition the more often the file is opened.


Can the images be edited by Photoshop or other formats?

Yes.  I have Photoshop and there is other photo editing software available.  However, as a photo archivist I was taught to keep the scan as is. If the customer wants to edit the images further, that is their decision.


Can you scan my still photographs?

I can provide that service, up to 8x10, for 25¢ per photograph.

My photos and documents were saved to a 3.5 inch floppy disc.  Can you open one of those?

Yes.  I have a 3.5 inch card reader.  I can save your photos and documents to a thumb drive for 50¢ per photo or file page.  However, there is no guarantee the floppy will open, although I have opened floppies from the 1990s.  There is no charge for testing them.

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